Google Glass Explorer Edition Shipping Soon, In Production Now

Guess what? Google Glass is about to get very, very real. Since being introduced last year, Glass has seen a steady climb in recognizability. From the tech-savvy to the mainstream, wearable computing is slipping into just about every pore possible these days. Couple that with talk over smartwatches from Apple and Microsoft, and it's becoming clear that the next major leap in computing may not be something we type on, but instead something we wear.

The Glass Explorer Edition isn't going to be identical to the consumer edition, but it'll kickstart development on the platform and set the stage for what's ahead. For 2,000 lucky people who are willing to part ways with $1,500, they'll soon receive their Glass headset. Google has announced to those who signed up that the first Glass units are now in production, with the initial shipments to head out very soon. Those who signed up last year will get notified when their unit is ready, presumably before Google I/O 2013 kicks off.

From there, the consumer edition should ship by the year's end. Are you ready for the future of computing, or still on the fence?