Google Glass Explorer Edition Headsets Shipping Next Month

Google Glass has become quite the hot topic, even in the mainstream. In a way, this is the device that could usher in the mainstream wave of wearable computing, and a lot is riding on the quality and usability of the Exporer Edition. If you'll recall, Google gave I/O 2012 attendees the ability to sign up for a pre-order of the first edition of Glass. At $1500, these have yet to actually go on sale to those who signed up, but that day seems to be drawing near.

This week, Google confirmed that Explorer Edition Glass headsets will go on "next month," giving developers the ability to toy around with things and start producing applications for it. Of course, Google I/O 2013 is next month, so it's hard to say if the two will coincide in any meaningful way.

This will almost certainly be the first I/O event where Chrome and Android take a backseat to something else, with that "something else" obviously being Glass. While the company's software efforts are no doubt important, creating an entirely new catagory of electronics has far more far-reaching implications from a long-term strategy perspective.