Google Glass Already Rooted and Hacked

Speaking of Google Glass and hacking, the new $1,500 spectacles, which are as yet only available to a select group of “Explorers”, have already been hacked.

Tweets from Liam McLoughlin (also known as Hexxeh), who works for Google on the Chrome side of things indicate that he found a way to do it, and although he doesn’t say for sure that he rooted the specs yet for fear of breaking them. He did, however, tweet that he found a debug mode that seems to give him ADB access, and a reboot-loader offers a way to root the device through fastboot OEM unlock.

Jay Freeman (@saurik) doesn’t think that the fastboot OEM unlock necessarily offers root access, but he’s definitely already jailbroken Google Glass. He even tweeted a picture.

Jailbroken Google Glass
Jay Freeman's jailbroken Google Glass

Gaining root access would allow people to modify Google Glass and create apps for the specs that aren’t available through conventional means such as the Google Play store. Considering how nervous this device is already making people in terms of privacy, the ability for hackers to do whatever they want with Google Glass must be unnerving.

On the contrary, for those who love to tinker with hardware and explore the bounds of new technology, it’s terribly exciting.