Google's Fuchsia OS Developer Site Goes Live, Is This The Future Of Android?

google fuchsia
We’ve been hearing about Google’s Fuchsia in dribs and drabs for years, but it appears that the company is really gearing up to push development of the next-generation mobile operating system. Google has posted official documentation at, which is indeed a Google-owned domain.

According to Android Police, which was the first to stumble across the new dev site, most of the information available on the site has been previously available through the Fuchsia Git. At this time, the dev site is pretty barren, but does have links for a Code of Conduct for individuals for Fuchsia groups, how to get started with Fuchsia, and instructions on how to build/test/debug Fuchsia apps.

Fuchsia represents a lightweight, ground-up rethink of how to design operating systems and is not based on Linux (as Android and Chrome OS are). Rather, the operating system is built upon the all-new Google-developed Zircon microkernel. We got our first glimpse at Fuchsia when it landed in GitHub back in 2016, and since then we’ve had a chance to play around with the operating system in [extremely limited] demo form on the web. The original web demo is still operational, and you can access it here.

When we last visited Fuchsia this past January, it was revealed that the operating system should be able to run Android apps, which would help ease the transition (if and when Google decides to ditch Android in the future). While it will be possible to run Android apps in Fuchsia for complete backwards compatibility, most developers will no doubt want to create native Fuchsia apps.

For an extended look at an early test build of Fuchsia, be sure to check out the embedded video above. To visit Google’s new Fuchsia-specific dev site, click here.