Google Pixel 4 And Pixel 4 XL Deals Bring Sweet $100 Discounts From Amazon, Google Fi

google pixel 4 front
Google went official with the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL smartphones yesterday at its hardware event (you can read our coverage here). There are multiple preorder offers out there for those wanting to buy a Pixel 4 smartphone, including direct from Google and via Amazon.
Starting off with Google's perks, anyone who preorders a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL via Google Fi will get a $100 Fi service credit (valid through October 26th). The Pixel 4 starts at $799 on Fi, and for those approved, the smartphone can be financed for $33.30 per month.
pixel 4 fi white

There are some caveats to the $100 service credit deal, however. The Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL do have to be activated with Fi within 30 days of shipment. That means no ordering the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL for Christmas and letting it sit around. It also has to be activated on the Fi account used to purchase the phone to receive the credit. Both existing and new customers can qualify for service credit.  

An email notification will be sent to users after all terms and conditions have been met. Fi says that the credit will be applied to a subsequent bill, normally 30-60 days post activation, and the entire credit will be applied to a single bill for those on a single subscriber plan. Those who are on a Fi group plan will see the credit spread among all bills on the plan unless they opt-out of that feature. 

Alternatively, Amazon is sweetening the deal for those interested in the Pixel 4 devices with a $100 gift card thrown in for ordering. The standard Pixel 4 smartphone with 128GB of storage is offered for $899 and includes a $100 gift card that is usable as a bookmark. A Pixel 4 with 64GB of storage and the $100 gift card will cost $799

amazon deal

Pixel fans wanting a larger screen can get the Pixel 4 XL with 128GB of storage for $999 with the $100 gift card thrown in. Drop down to the version with 64GB of storage and pay $899 and still get the $100 gift card. It's also worth noting that anyone wanting these smartphones who also wants to apply for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa can get another $70 off both smartphones if they are approved for the credit card.

Amazon is offering the devices in all three available colors, including Just Black, Clearly White, and Oh So Orange. There is no indication of how long this Amazon deal will be good. Amazon does list the 128GB Clearly White Pixel 4 XL as the #1 seller in carrier cell phones indicating preorder sales are strong.