Google Fi Gains iMessage-Like RCS Support And Greater 4G LTE Coverage In These Areas

RCS Messaging
Google continues to make its comparatively low-cost Google Fi wireless service a more intriguing option. It already has the advantage of friendly billing versus what the four major wireless carriers in the US charge, those being AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. Now on the usability side, Google Fi is enabling RCS messaging by default on eligible phones.

RCS (Rich Communication Services) messaging is a communications protocol with more bells and whistles than regular SMS text messaging. Similar to iMessages that is used on iOS devices, RCS offers things like read receipts, video calls, encryption, and more.

"With RCS in Messages, you can do and share more when you message friends, family members, groups, and even businesses who are on RCS. You’ll be able to see typing indicators and read receipts, share high-resolution videos, and message over Wi-Fi or data with others that have RCS enabled," Google says.

RCS messaging is available on phones designed for Google Fi and compatible Android handsets. That means it should work on phones like LG's V35 and G7, the Moto G6, and of course Google's own Pixel phones, to name a few. Unfortunately, it's still not compatible with iPhone handsets, and a large number of Android phones.

In addition to expanding RCS messaging support to more phones, Google is upgrading 33 countries to faster 4G LTE coverage on phones designed for Google Fi. They include Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, and several others. This will be a benefit to users to roam, whether for business or pleasure.