Google Fi Users Are Reporting A Strange Issue When Sending Long Text Messages

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Some Google Fi users are facing a strange problem where long texts sent using the service in English are being received in Chinese. The issue has been reported by multiple Fi users and seems unrelated to the phone or cellular carrier the texts are received on. One of the first reports of the issue surfaced about 18 hours ago, as of this writing. The user reported that a long text sent from a Google Pixel 3 on Fi, to a Samsung device on Verizon was received on the Verizon device in Chinese.

Another user on the same account, with a different Pixel 3 on the Fi service, sent another long text to the same Verizon user, and it also came through in Chinese. Trying to sort the problem, the user eventually sent a long message to an iPhone user on Verizon, and that was also received in Chinese. No official response from Google has been offered so far.

Long Fi Text errors example
An example of the characters that people are seeing when using Google Fi to send long texts.

As of now, 228 replies have been made on the original post, with many of them from other Google Fi users who are reporting the same problem. At this time, it's unclear what might be causing the problem. However, speculation suggests that it could be some sort of issue with text encoding.

For those unfamiliar with Google's Fi service, it's a mobile phone service that can switch between multiple networks depending on which has the best coverage. One hallmark of the service is that full-speed tethering is included in the monthly cost. Plans are available that allow users to pay for only the data they use, or subscribers can choose unlimited plans. Google Fi supports numerous devices, not just Google phones. Recently support for eSIMs on current iPhone devices was added, opening the door to Apple users.