Google Drive Will Soon Backup And Sync Your Entire PC Or Mac

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If you’re looking for a new solution to back up your entire PC or Mac, it looks as though Google is angling to get its foot in the door with a new app. Called Backup and Sync, the app is the latest extension of Google Drive, and will be available for computer running either Windows or macOS.

Backup and Sync replaces the existing Google Drive for Windows and Mac, and provides a huge advantage when it comes to functionality. With the current app, your synced files are accessible within the actual Google Drive folder on your computer (and of course online). However, Backup and Sync can monitor any folder on your computer that you select and mirror the contents in the cloud.

While you may be able to sync any folder that you desire with Backup and Sync, you will still be limited to the amount of available storage associated with your Google account. For free accounts, that means that you’re limited to 15GB. 100GB of Google Drive storage costs $19.99/year, 1TB of storage costs $99/year and 10TB of storage costs $99.99/month.

Backup Sync

According to Google, the new Backup and Sync app also replaces the Google Photos desktop uploader, which in essence means that it is actually taking the place of two apps. In addition, Google isn’t forcing the new app on customers. If you prefer to use the separate Google Drive and Google Photos apps, you can continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We should note that Backup and Sync is mainly being aimed at general consumer at this time. Google says that G Suite customers are encouraged to continue using the Google Drive app. Eventually, the search giant will roll out its new Drive File Stream to all G Suite properties later in 2017.

If you’d like to give Backup and Sync a try, Google will make the app available on June 28th.

(Top Image Source: Matt Montagne/flickr)