Google Drive Support Looks Promising For Chrome OS

Google Drive has already hit the Mac, PC and Android worlds, with iOS, Linux and even Google's own Chrome OS still on the waiting list. Google made clear that iPhone and iPad owners would get served in a couple of weeks, and recently said that Linux users wouldn't be left out, either. But surely, surely Chrome OS is on the list to get a pinch of the company's cloud storage service, right? Right.

This week, Google pushed out the first developer build of Chrome OS 20, and yes, there's support for Google Drive in there. According to those who have touched the new version, Drive is deeply intertwined within the OS now, and although basic for now, the promise is huge. Chrome OS was always built to be used as a cloud OS, but the mixing of Google Drive will allow it to be far more functional. Will it allow Chrome OS to finally get any sort of traction in the market? Hard to say -- at least with Chromebook prices where they are -- but adding Drive support is surely a move in the right direction.