Google Discovers 9,500 New Malicious Websites Every 24 Hours

Surfing the Web unprotected is like running out into traffic and hoping you don't get hit. Chances are you'll end up a hood ornament. Google is doing its part to keep you safe from all the malicious Web traffic out there, and it's been five years since it announced its malware and phishing protection via the company's Safe Browsing effort, but have you ever wondered what Google (and other browser makers) are up against?

Google claims it finds about 9,500 new malicious website every day. They might be innocent websites that were hacked and compromised by dirty code, or ones built from the ground up to wreak havoc on Web surfers. Over the course of a year, that comes out to almost 3.5 million newly found nasty websites, and those are only the ones Google has crawled.

Google's revelation comes as it beats its chest in a blog post over its built-in protection for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

"Approximately 12-14 million Google Search queries per day show our warning to caution users from going to sites that are currently compromised," Google said. "Once a site has been cleaned up, the warning is lifted."

Google also said it provides malware warnings for roughly 300,000 thousand dirty downloads each day, and sends out thousands of notifications to webmasters letting them know they're hosting a foul file or three.