Google Delivers Massive iOS Gmail Update With Overhauled Design, Undo Send, Instant Search

If you are a diehard user of Apple’s iPhone family of smartphones, but still are a heavy user of Google’s software products, we’ve got a major app update to bring to you today. Google has released a long overdue overhaul for its Gmail iOS app, and it brings over the look and feel of its Android counterpart.

The new iOS version of Gmail gains large icons and bold colors associated with Material Design, and overall performance has improved greatly over its predecessor. Transitions are much smoother this time around, and the in-app settings let you dictate whether a swipe over a message will archive it or send it straight to the trash bin. Google has also made vast improvements to in-app “Instant” search, and gives you more relevant suggestions (even if your fat fingers mistype a search query).

gmail ios

However, the most welcome feature for Gmail is perhaps the arrival of Undo Send. This functionality is included in the desktop version of Gmail with 5, 10, 20 and 30-second durations. However, on the iOS version of Gmail, the default (and only setting) is 5 seconds. While it would have been nice to have longer durations to choose from in the iOS app, it’s definitely better than not having the feature at all.

And if we’re being honest here, the old iOS Gmail app looked more like an unhinged wrapper for its web counterpart. With the new version of Gmail for the iPhone and iPad, Google has fully embraced the app mentality and it has given users a much better product.