Google Daydream View VR Headset Leak Reveals Updated Design

If you want in on some virtual reality action, one of the cheapest ways to do it is by getting a headset that holds your existing smartphone. Google has just such a headset with the currently available Daydream View that began shipping back in December of last year. It appears that Google is soon set to drop an update to that original headset.

daydream view

The new headset is said to still be called the Daydream View and like that original, this one will hold your smartphone rather than being a standalone VR headset or needing a PC to operate. While the original Daydream View was covered in a material that felt like a t-shirt, the new one will be covered in a nylon-type material. The headset will ship in three colors according to the leaked image.

The colors include charcoal, fog, and coral. The coral appears to be a reddish pink, fog is gray, and the charcoal headset is black. It appears to rock the same basic shape and features as the original Daydream. The leak also claims that the new Daydream View headset will cost $99, which is an increase from the $79 original price of the Daydream View.

The original Daydream View headset was notable for being more versatile than other devices on the market. Daydream View works with just about any Android phone while competing products like the Gear VR only work with Samsung devices. The latest Daydream View does appear to have its own controller just as the original did. We also assume you will need a Daydream Ready smartphone running Android 7.0 or later. 

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