How To Access Google's New Coronavirus Portal For Critical Healthcare Resources

coronavirus search

As the coronavirus spreads around the world, more people are turning to the Internet for news and information on how to fight against it. The problem that some looking for information have run into is malware out there masquerading as coronavirus information. Google says that interest in COVID-19 information has climbed around the world, and currently, the disease is the most common topic people are searching for. Google says that search volume for coronavirus has outpaced even the most common and consistent queries seen in search such as weather and news. Therefore Google is expanding its COVID-19 search experience.

Google says that after the WHO declared a public health emergency in January, it launched an SOS Alert to provide users with safety information from the WHO and the latest news on the subject. That information has been offered in 25 languages and across dozens of countries with localized public health guidance from health authorities available in 50 different countries. Part of the expanded COVID-19 search experience is giving users easy access to what Google calls "authoritative information from health authorities" alongside new data and visualizations.

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Google says the format organizes the search results page to help with easy navigation of information and resources available. It also intends to add more information to the pages over time as it's available. The information Google is offering includes links to helpful resources from both local and national health authorities. The results page will also show a carousel of Twitter accounts from local civic organizations and health authorities to help connect users with the largest local guidance on COVID-19 as it's available.

To make it easier to track the latest information about the spread of the disease, Google is adding modules with statistics and a map showing the prevalence of the virus around the world. Google says that the new COVID-19 experience on search will be rolling out in the coming days in English for the United States. Additional information and expansion to other languages will be coming soon.

Google has also launched a dedicated website for help and resources at Resources on that page are focused on education, prevention, and local resources. The COVID-19 website launched today in the United States. For those who don't want to use Google's resources to track coronavirus/COVID-19, you can track it without getting a malware infection with details we talked about last week.