Google Offers Killer Combo Discount On Google Home And Chromecast Via eBay

Google is not about to let Amazon steal the spotlight with its upcoming Prime Day sales event. While Google is countering with a site wide sale of its own, the Mountain View company is offering a hefty discount on its Home smart speaker and Chromecast streaming gadget bundle. The two devices are being offered up through Google's eBay account for just a Benjamin ($100).

That is a 39 percent savings over the cost of buying them individually, which would set you back $164. Free shipping is part of the promotion, too. According to the eBay listing, Google is offering up a "limited quantity" of its Home speaker and second generation Chromecast bundle, though it is not clear exactly how many it has earmarked for same on the auction site. At the time of this writing, Google has sold more than 3,600 of the bundles, with the listing receiving over 1,070 views every hour.

Google Home and Chromecast Bundle on eBay

This is a pretty neat deal, assuming you are in the market for a Google Home smart speaker. With the discount in play for the bundle, it is like saving $30 on Google Home and getting a free Chromecast to boot, if you want to look at it that way. But no matter how you slice it, this is perhaps the best deal yet for both items.

For those of you who only want one or the other, both items are actually one sale individually on Google's website. Google Home is marked down to $99. Unless you have an aversion to eBay, it still makes sense to buy the bundle and sell or give away the Chromecast, although it is technically cheaper on Google's website by $0.99 (before tax). And as for the Chromecast, it is currently on sale for $25, down from its regular selling price of $35.

Google Home is one of a growing number of smart home speakers that can serve as a hub for other smart devices, including lights and thermostats. These voice-activated speakers are connected to the Internet and can perform a wealth of functions, such as looking up the weather and other inquiries, make phone calls, and of course play music. And while there is conflicting information out there, some reports say it was a Google Home speaker that dialed up the police and saved a woman's life who was allegedly being held at gunpoint by her boyfriend.

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