Google Clips Auto-Shooting AI Camera Goes On Sale, Now Waitlisted

Google officially unveiled the Clips wearable camera back in October at the same time it also rolled out the high-end $999 Pixelbook and Pixel Buds earphones. If you have been waiting to get your hands on that AI-powered Clips camera and didn’t order in the early moments of availability, you will be out of luck for at least a few months. Clips cameras went fast when orders opened and as of writing, there is now a waitlist for the device.

google clips book

Shipping is currently pushed all the way out to March as of now, and when you go to the official Clips camera page, you can click a button and be automatically added to the waitlist. You will get an email when the camera is available to order once joining the waitlist (backorders aren't currently allowed).

google clips green

If you missed the initial announcement of the Google Clips camera, it is a small wearable device that has some slick AI and machine learning tech inside. The idea is that parents and others can clip the camera to their clothing and the AI/machine learning tech will automatically snap images for them, so the parent can stay in the moment rather than missing it all while looking behind from behind a camera viewfinder or smartphone display.

Clips packs in an image sensor capable of recording at up to 15 fps with a 130-degree field of view and 16GB of internal storage. The AI can recognize specific faces, automatically capture video clips and photos of those important to you and then send those images automatically to your smartphone.

All of the images and video recorded by the device are encrypted before being beamed over to your smartphone via Wi-Fi Direct. Caveats to the device include a battery good for only three hours per charge. Clips can’t record sound so your 7-second video clips are silent, and it is also expensive at $250 (you can attempt to purchase the device right here via the Google Store).