Google Chromecast in 2014: Global Reach, Open SDK, And Tons Of Apps

Google’s delightful Chromecast device was one of the more pleasant surprises of the the year in 2013. Up to now, though, Google has played things fairly close to the vest in terms of allowing others to develop for the streaming device, with just a smattering of available apps to date. In 2014, that’s all going to change.

Google is planning to release a full SDK for the Chromecast soon. The company hosted a big hackathon for Chromecast earlier in the month in an effort to get closer to a final version. (As it turns out, there’s still no exact release date.) Google VP of Product Management Mario Queiroz told Gigaom that developers have been able to play with a preview SDK since launch, which is to say that they can build but not release any Chromecast apps.

Google Chromecast

Obviously, when the full SDK does eventually land, it will open the floodgates for hundreds or thousands of apps.

Google also wants to build more of an ecosystem for Chromecast, putting the technology into partner devices to make Google Cast something of an industry standard. Further to that end, and also to foster an environment where even more apps are compatible with the technology, Google will be pushing into international markets with Chromecast in 2014.