Google Chrome Now Offers Parental Supervision Feature, Tab Notifications, More

With the latest update to Google’s Chrome browser, the company has added a couple of rather choice features, including better security and tweaks that users will find quite handy.

Arguably the most important addition pertains to the supervised users feature that’s designed to allow parents to help their kids learn how to use the Internet safely. Once you create a supervised user, you can review and manage browser history, manage permissions for websites, and more.

Google tab notifications

For any user, the new tab notifications will be a boon to daily use; with a glance, you can now see which tabs are playing audio, using your webcam, or casting to your TV. We’ve all had the experience of opening a bunch of tabs only to have one of them autoplay something, and the hunt for that one little window can be a pain. This update should alleviate that issue.

Google Chrome supervised users
Supervised users

Chrome’s Safe Browsing malware warning has gotten stronger, and Google has spiffed up the look of the browser in Windows 8 “Metro” mode with an app launcher and easier handling of multiple Chrome windows.

There’s a complete list of changes available here.