Google Chrome Beta Now Faster

Recent tests have shown that the third Chrome beta version offers faster performance than previous iterations. In these tests, Google Chrome's latest version,, shows a 37% improvement in JavaScript performance over the initial beta that was released two months ago.

Using Google's JavaScript benchmark, the first beta scored 1,851; the developer release scored 2,265; and the new beta hit 2,546. A higher score is better. In the SunSpider test, Google’s Chrome also scores well, finishing the test in 2,546 milliseconds compared with 2,904 milliseconds for version This new, faster score is close to Firefox 3.1 beta 1’s score of 2,250 milliseconds with the new TraceMonkey JavaScript engine enabled.


On Wednesday, Chrome program manager Mark Larson said users "will automatically get updated in the next few days." If you’re curious as to which version you have, or if a new version is available, you can click the wrench menu and select About Google Chrome.

Google Chrome version also stops a security problem in which a site could show a different address than the one that actually supplied the information, thereby misleading users.

The new beta also offers better reliability and performance for plug-ins such as Flash and Silverlight along with touchpad scrolling support. Other changes include a spell checker that underlines misspelled words in text-input boxes and protection against unconfirmed downloads where Chrome will give these files dummy names until the user confirms that he wants to download the file.