Google CEO not interested in Tech Czar position

Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt has declined the opportunity to be the "Tech Czar" for the Obama administration. While Schmidt helped campaign for the new President Elect, and has been advising the Obama campaign on technology and energy as part of his 17-member Transition Economic Advisory Board, the prospect of becoming the first Chief Technology Officer of the United states can't entice him away from Google. "I love working at Google and I'm very happy to stay at Google, so the answer is no." said Schmidt.

The job, as CTO, will be a large role to fill. Obama hopes the new CTO will be able to "ensure that our government and all its agencies have the right infrastructure, policies and services for the 21st century," plus protecting the security of .gov computer networks.

Schmidt seemed to fit well in both the position as CTO and as an advisor, as his and Obama's ideas about technology and finance mesh relatively well. Obama and Schmidt believe in the potential of green technology for its impact on both the environment and the economy. Ideas such as using laid-off workers in Michigan to help build batteries to use in hybrid vehicles could perhaps be one of the stepping stones necessary in the road to economic turn around.

So the question remains, who will be up to the task?  Will it be Internet pioneer Vint Cerf, or perhaps Chairman of the FCC, Reed Hundt?
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