Google Brings Back The Great Ghoul Duel For Halloween And It’s Frightfully Fun

google brings back great ghoul duel doodle from the dead
It is spooky season once again, and with it comes tricks, treats, and spooktacular games from those jumping in on the fun. Among those doing so is Google and its Doodles team, who have returned with the Great Ghoul Duel following a four-year hiatus.

In 2018, a small team of 13 people launched Google’s first-ever multiplayer interactive game Doodle, The Great Ghoul Duel, using Google Cloud technology. The game comprised of two teams of four players from around the world going head-to-head in who could collect the most spirit flames for their team in under two minutes. However, when playing, you must be wary as members of the other team can sneak up and swipe your spirits as you haul them back to home base in a sort of capture-the-flag crossover.

new ghoul duel characters 2022

When the game first launched, though, there were only a few special maps and powers that players could use and be granted, respectively. In The Great Ghoul Duel sequel, the now 23-person Great Ghoul Duel Team is introducing four new bonus characters, as well as new maps and special abilities which you can discover for yourself. These are in addition to the standard speed boosts, night vision, and others we saw previously.

If you want to jump in and play, you can head to Google and click on the Doodle above the search bar to get going. If you want, you can also create a private Duel lobby to share with up to seven friends and family members to see who is the ghost with the most. However, be careful, as we quickly discovered that you might be playing this game longer than intended. In any event, enjoy this hauntingly good game and have a Happy Halloween.