Google ‘Android Wear’ To Be Front And Center At IO, Samsung To Unveil

Google's annual I/O developer conference takes place in San Francisco next week, and while there's sure to be a surprise or two to come out of it, it should come as no surprise that wearables is going to have a major focus.

The wearables market is on fire at the moment, which is impressive given the fact that it was virtually non-existent only a couple of years ago. In fact, it might seem a little silly that Google's taken quite so long to get its own platform out the door, but from what we can see of Android Wear so far, the company's putting a lot of effort and care into it.

To help back that statement up, Google posted a video (seen below) late last week that allows developer advocate Timothy Jordan to tell us why Android Wear matters, and tips developers off as to where their mindset should be when working on specific apps. Even if you're not a developer, I'd recommend checking the video out since some great points are raised (such as how much time in reality it takes to get information off of our phones).

With Google planning to focus a lot on wearables at I/O, we can expect to see a number of announcements tie into that which could give us an idea of just how big this market is going to become by year's end. CNET has said that Samsung is one such company ready to unleash a couple of announcements, which will include new models in its Gear family.

Samsung's current-gen Galaxy Gear

Samsung's announcement will build on Motorola's this past spring for its 360 smartwatch, one that we're sure to learn even more about at next week's conference.

Whether you're ready for it or not, the wearables revolution is nearing ever-closer, something that should solidify as soon as Apple releases its iWatch, currently slated for this October.