Google And Samsung Team Up To Power Up Your Galaxy With These Features

google galaxy unpacked hero
This year’s Galaxy Unpacked event also brought several updates on the software front courtesy of Google, bringing several new features to Samsung’s latest hardware offerings. Google announced four new features coming to the Galaxy Z Flip6, Z Fold6, and updated Galaxy Watches that include Gemini, Circle to Search, multiview with YouTube TV, and Wear OS 5.

Gemini is about to get a lot more helpful in the new lineup of Galaxy Z series devices, as it will now be able to provide suggestions based on the content currently being viewed by a user. Simply Saying “Hey Google” or swiping on the corner of the screen will activate Gemini. The company says that if this action is taken while watching on YouTube, a suggestion of “Ask about this video” will become available. Moreover, in the future users will be able to have a video alongside the Gemini overlay in split screen mode.

Circle to Search, which Google announced earlier in the year, will also be coming to Samsung’s newest set of devices with some valuable additions. Google says that it has “added translation capabilities and homework help for a range of physics and math problems.” The homework help will get even better later this month as it will be able to assist in tackling more difficult symbolic math. This is a smart play by Google and Samsung as it might be appealing enough to convince younger users, or their parents, to switch from the Apple ecosystem that currently dominates in these age groups.

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YouTube TV with Multiview will be coming to the Galaxy Z Fold6 for users who subscribes to the streaming television service, which allows for up to four events to be viewed at the same time. However, it’s limited to a pre-selected set of events chosen by YouTube TV. This addition feels a bit questionable, because as nice as the display on the Galaxy Z Fol6 might be, having four streams crammed into it might be pushing it.

Last, but certainly not least, Wear OS 5 will make its way to the newest Galaxy Watches. Users can look forward to improved health monitoring capabilities alongside improvements to the performance and battery life of these devices. This version of Wear OS and its improvements are important as Samsung attempts to give Apple some competition in this space.

There’s a lot to look forward for those who are going to be picking up these new Samsung devices, as these days software is what’s really driving the innovation in mobile devices. Time will tell if these new software additions by Google are enough to get people to upgrade or switch to Samsung.