Google And China Wrestling Over Rights And Allowances

We've got a feeling that this issue won't be going away anytime soon. Shortly after Google made a sudden and an unexpected decision to potentially close its Chinese search engine portal if the Chinese government didn't stop forcing it to censor results, the search company is now in negotiations to maintain its other prescences in the country.

Described as in "delicate negotiations," Google is working with Chinese officials in order to maintain its research center in the country, despite the fact that Google has assured China that it will not continue to censor search results. The move has drawn the attention of just about everyone, from Bill Gates to execs within the White House. The good news is that most everyone outside of China is siding with Google's stance, and even China wants the assets that Google brings to the table (and in turn, the country of China).

Google currently has a research center (and employees, obviously), an advertising sales team and even a small mobile phone prescence in China. Google wants to continue those operations if China allows it to uncensor search results; China wants Google to work within its borders so it garners some of the benefits of having one of the world's most successful companies innovating in China. Google is also saying that it wants access to engineering talent with China, and many analysts are baffled at how all of this will end.

Whatever happens, this could be huge for advancement in free speech and net neutrality the world over. We're personally hoping that Google can convince China to loosen its grip on search results, and if anyone could sway the nation, it'd be Google.
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