Google Aims to be Top Corporate Sun Harvester

Google Inc. has installed solar panels on the roofs of two of its carports and eight of its buildings. This is only the beginning of a massive project that Google has launched, which is to build America’s largest corporate campus solar panel system.
"Google has produced enough electricity from its headquarters in the last four days to watch about 251,073 hours of television on a flat screen."
Google has been keeping a close eye on the system ever since it first fired up on Monday. The solar panel system has been producing an average of 10,000 KWh per day, which they say is equivalent to operating 8,347 coffee makers for an hour, running 6,257 dishwasher trials, or having 41,737 alarm clocks run for the entire day. Google declares that about 30% of its electricity consumption is covered from the solar panels installed so far.

Perhaps when the project is completed, they might be able to run the entire campus solely on solar power.
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