Google 7-inch Tablet Rumored to Ship in June

As is often times the case, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself, and perhaps that's the motivation behind Google's upcoming 7-inch tablet. Rumor has an official Google tablet sized the same as Amazon's Kindle Fire is en route and will start shipping in June, with an official launch to take place in July.

Citing "sources from the upstream supply chain," DigiTimes claims initial shipments will reach 600,000. The DT rumor mill also says Google isn't doing this all by itself, and instead is getting a helping hand from Asus, which is co-developing the 7-inch slate with the sultan of search.

By the end of the year, DigiTimes says shipments could reach upwards of 2.5 million units, which sounds far fetched when you consider there will only be five months left in the year by the time it's available to order. However, if the price is right, and if this ships with an unmolested build of Android, this could prove hugely popular, just like the Kindle Fire, which is currently the second best selling tablet on the planet, behind only the mighty iPad.
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