Good Google: Company Sends Google Glass And $25k To Winning Nonprofits

We were critical of Google’s recent decision to choose a high-end fashion retailer to sell Glass through a third party for the first time (which included a $300 markup), but Google is doing some good work with Glass through its “Giving Through Glass” program.

The company awarded five nonprofits with a pair of Google Glass spectacles, $25,000 in the form of a grant, and--possibly most importantly--access to Glass devs and on-location help at Google.

google glass winners
Classroom Champions

The winners include Classroom Champions, which lets students see paralympic athletes train in POV; Women’s Audio Mission, a STEM training program; a group called the Hearing and Speech Agency that’s working improve communication for those with impairments; help for Parkinson’s disease patient through movement with the Mark Morris Dance Group; and 3000 Miles To A Cure Race, which is a bike race for raising funds and awareness for brain cancer research that will offer people a first-person view of the event.

Glass has loads of potential for numerous applications in a variety of fields, if only Google can get out of its own way; hopefully these organizations can make some progress on that front.