Hackers Breach Golden Corral Buffet And Feast On Private Data

golden corral employee data breach security event
There has been a smorgasbord of breaches as of late, though the U.S. government, in conjunction with international partners, is starting to quell that problem. However, in the past year, threat actors have had their pick of the buffet for breaches, which now includes Golden Corral, a literal buffet. The famous buffet-style eatery has recently reported a security incident from August of 2023 wherein a hacker viewed sensitive business information over four days.

On August 11th last year, an unauthorized actor was able to access Golden Corral systems and was able to get their hands on data pertaining to current and former employees of the chain. This compromise was detected on August 15th, 2023, at which point Golden Corral responded with an investigation and restoration procedures to return the systems to normal. Following this, the food chain has moved to collect information on those affected to “provide an accurate and complete notice of the incident” as well as engage law enforcement authorities to pursue those responsible.

ag golden corral employee data breach security event
The news bulletin for this incident notes that compromised data may include “employee, dependent and beneficiary name, Social Security number, financial account information, driver's license number, medical information, username and password, and health insurance information.”

The Maine Attorney General data breach notification page notes that while this only affects three Maine residents, 183,272 Golden Corral employees may be affected. Notifications for these people began going out on February 16th and informing them of any actions they can take, including leveraging 24 months of complimentary access to credit monitoring and restoration services through Experian.

Of course, those concerned that they may have been compromised in the security breach should be ever vigilant of their accounts and information across the Internet. Further, cycling out passwords occasionally might not be such a bad idea, just as you might cycle out a hot plate in a buffet.