Gogo Wireless Launches On Demand Movies & TV Shows On American Airlines Flights

Thanks to Gogo Wireless, we can say so long to back-of-the seat magazines with partially completed crossword puzzles and hello to in-flight on demand video streaming. The company officially launched Gogo Vision, its previously teased new service that lets flyers stream video content from its library of movies and TV shows.

Gogo Vision will be available on American Airlines’ fleet of Boeing 767-200 planes, primarily on intercontinental flights from JFK to Los Angeles or San Francisco. Users can connect to the in-flight Gogo WiFi signal and stream to their own laptop. (Support for other mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is reportedly coming soon.)

Pricing is similar to what users of on demand video are accustomed to, starting at $.99 for a TV show rental and $3.99 for a movie--and trailers are gratis. As a bonus, there’s no need to pay for an Internet session to stream video. Apparently, AA figures that payment for the content is sufficient.

When the plane lands, the fun doesn’t stop. Rentals are good for 24 hours (for movies) and 72 hours (for TV shows), so users can finish watching what they’ve purchased at the hotel, in the terminal waiting for a connecting flight, or wherever else they can find a WiFi hotspot.

AA is the first North American airline to offer Gogo Vision, but judging from the wording of Gogo’s press release, more carriers will offer it at some point.