God of War Patch v1.12 Brings Larger Text, Photo Mode Incoming

god of war
The new God of War video game launched recently and so far, the reviews have been very good and fans have been receptive as well. One thing about the game that has annoyed many users is the size of the text that the devs opted to use in areas like Lore. It's nigh impossible to read text from across the room on high-resolution TVs say many users.

If you have had this problem with tiny text in the game, patch 1.12 is supposed to fix the problem and went live over the weekend. The catch is that the increase in text size with the patch is not particularly noticeable. Even with the new slider for text size at the largest setting in the Accessibility menu, the text is still hard to read for some users.

god of war sm txt
gow lrg txt

Word is that the slider doesn't increase font size, but simply magnifies the text. The first screenshot below shows the slider set to minimum on the text and the second shows the slider set to maximum. The difference is very minimal. Another bit of news on the God of War front is that Sony Santa Monica has promised to bring a photo mode to the game.

This mode will let players grab all the photos they want of the enemy slaying mayhem in the game. We don't know the exact timing of availability for photo mode, but we do know that the it will have options to manipulate Kratos' and Arteus' faces so you can make the perpetually angry looking Kratos smile if you are so inclined.