Go BIG For The Super Bowl With A 98-Inch 4K TV For Under $2K And More Great Deals

TCL's 98-inch 4K TV on a gray gradient background.
For the most part, a ticket to the Super Bowl will cost you anywhere from $6,200 for a spot in the nosebleed section, to north of $34,000 for seats with a much better view. Then there's the cost of traveling, parking, and everything else. Or you could stay home and watch the big game on your massive 98-inch TV for a fraction of the cost.

Somewhat incredibly, you can score TCL's 98-inch 4K TV (2023 model) for $1,998 at Amazon (save $2,001.99). Talk about serious yardage for your buck! Should it sell out, you can also find it for a similar price at Best Buy ($1,999.99), with free installation to boot.

The model number is 98S550G, in case you want to look up reviews and user impressions. The short of it is, this is a ginormous TV with a 4K resolution, 120Hz native refresh rate, ample HDR support (HDR10, HDR10+, HLG, and Dolby Vision), HDMI 2.1 connectivity with support for goodies like auto game mode and FreeSync Premium Pro, and Google TV smarts.

TCL's 85-inch 4K TV on a gray gradient background.

If going with a 98-inch TV is a touch too big for your living room, you can score TCL's 85-inch Q7 QLED TV for $1,498 at Amazon. That's not shown as a sale price, though it it usually commands a larger sum by $100 or more (and technically, the MSRP as listed by TCL is $2,199.99).

This one trades some size for quantum dot technology. It also features the same 4K resolution and 120Hz refresh rate, along with a peak brightness rating of 1,000 nits, around 200 local dimming zones, the same robust HDR support (which includes Dolby Vision), and things like auto game mode, FreeSync Premium Pro support, Google TV smarts, and a voice remote.

Here are several more TV deals, including some mini LED and OLED TVs...

Hisense's ULED U7 TV on a gray gradient background.
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