Gigabyte Unveils Its First Stealth Motherboard For AMD And It Looks Stunning

When building your PC, one of the most time consuming tasks is making the cables neat and tidy, rather than having a rat's nest of wires run amok in your rig. So it goes with traditional motherboards, anyway. However, if you abhor cable management, Gigabyte has some good news—it just launched a new AMD motherboard that will ease your pain.

It's called the B650E Aorus Stealth Ice and it Gigabyte's first Stealth series motherboard to support AMD Ryzen processors. This encompasses the current Ryzen 7000 and 8000 series CPUs, as well as AMD's upcoming Ryzen 9000 processors based on Zen 5.

The main selling point of this stealthy motherboard is reducing visible cables, with its main connectors positioned on the rear. Gigabyte has also employed similar tactics on stealth GPUs, such as this custom GeForce RTX 4090 Windforce V2 model.


In the back of the B650E Aorus Stealth Ice, you will find what usually populates the front of a motherboard. This includes the CPU power connector, SATA ports, fan connectors, and other bits. This could work great for an OEM system integrator that has a standardized build process to streamline PC builds, but also for DIY builders who want to piece together a pristine-looking build with less effort than is typically required.

That said, DIY enthusiast builders will have to do some planning to make it work, starting with a case that can support this layout. While gaming PCs often feature custom cables for aesthetics, workstation users upgrading to a Ryzen 9000 series CPU may appreciate the minimal design as well.

Aside from its stealth party trick, the motherboard has most of the features one might expect on AMD's B650E platform. Multiple NVME M.2 slots, along with DDR5 memory and built-in Wi-Fi 7 connectivity are here to bring this motherboard into the modern computing era. Do note, however, that there's just a single PCI Express slot—a x16 slot for the GPU.

Aesthetically, this Gigabyte motherboard looks very minimal and has large flat surfaces with some RGB adorning the design. Mostly white and silver, the lack of cables reveal a nice looking motherboard even when fully installed. With new Ryzen 9000 series CPUs releasing soon, enthusiasts will also keep an eye on new motherboards with stealth designs that accompany the new chips.