GIGABYTE Rolls Out H97/Z97 Motherboard BIOS Updates To Support Intel Broadwell CPUs

GIGABYTE has just announced that it's rolled out EFI updates to its entire range of Z97/H97 motherboards to add support for Intel's upcoming 5th-gen Core processors, "Broadwell". To grab the update, simply hit up GIGABYTE's support page and search for your motherboard model. You may also be able to update if you happen to have GIGABYTE's @BIOS utility installed, but from experience, that's hit-or-miss.


While Intel's 5th-gen Core processors hit mobile earlier this year, there's been some delays on the desktop side, with rumors putting the launch at June - something GIGABYTE's new updates add some confidence to.

As Marco covered in March, Intel is planning to release some NUCs with its Broadwell processors, and we're likely going to see PC vendors jump right on board without delay. As we covered a couple of weeks ago, Broadwell's successor, Skylake-S, is expected to launch this fall. That means that Broadwell's lifespan will be almost comically short, but it could still make a great option or those who skipped over Haswell, or simply need to build a PC before Skylake gets here.

While Broadwell won't feature DDR4 support (that'll come with Skylake), it will bring with it Iris Pro (HD 6200) graphics, which is a much sought-after feature for desktop parts.

Whether you're looking to upgrade or build fresh, you can rest assured that GIGABYTE has got you covered.