Gigabyte Radeon X700, Vantec Iceberg 5 VGA Cooler, and more!

I heard it from the mailbox: "Gigabyte has released 5 new bios files that add support for the E stepping of the new Athlon 64 Venice and Sempron Paris core". And there is now another chapter in the recent story of large companies and lost information... Time Warner announced today that they have lost data on 600,000 current, and former employes. Why is this happening so much? I still have music CD's I bought in 1995. Anyway folks, good night :)

Gigabyte X700 Video Card @

"The first thing I noticed upon opening the box of the card was the cooling. Gigabyte installed a heat sink covering the VPU and a small portion of the PCB instead of a cooling fan and heat sink found on other cards. The card also has a heat pipe going from the VPU to the rear heat sink covering the majority of the back of the card."

Matrix Orbital MX6 Review: LED displays redefined @ Madshrimps

"When a company launches a product which offers more functionality and better features then previous versions you would expect a higher price ticket. Well guess again, Matrix Orbital pulls a bright rabbit out their hat with their latest LED display in their MX series."

Vantec Iceberq 5 VGA Cooler @ Techniz

"The Iceberq 5 is a very good VGA cooler in terms of the performance and the stylish look. The Iceberq 5 VGA cooler is performing very well during the testing. Moreover, it was fully made of copper which is a very good material of cooling."