Gigabyte Announces AORUS X370 And B350 AMD AM4 Ryzen Motherboards For Enthusiasts

Yesterday, we gave you a full overview of four new AM4 motherboards from the folks at ASUS. Today, Gigabyte is returning the favor with five new enthusiast boards based on AMD’s X370 and B350 AM4 chipsets that back the new Ryzen processors.


The two boards aimed at the ultimate gaming enthusiasts are the X370-based AORUS Gaming GA-AX370 Gaming K7 and GA-AX370 Gaming 5. Both motherboards feature four DDR4 DIMM slots, support for CrossFire/CrossFireX and SLI multi-GPU solutions, NVMe connectors, Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi MB5 audio, dual network ports (Intel GbE + Killer E2500) Gigabyte’s popular UEFI DualBIOS and RGB Fusion with multi-zone LED lighting. Both boards also include onboard graphics.


Looking at the specs, the only different that we can spot (at first glance) between the two is that the GA-AX370 Gaming K7 adds onboard the Turbo B-Clock Tuning IC.

GA AB350 Gaming 3

Also along for the ride are the mainstream Gigabyte Gaming GA-AB350 Gaming 3 and GA-AB350 Gaming motherboards. As their name implies, these boards are based on AMD’s B350 chipset and don’t have nearly as many features as their X370-based siblings. You won’t find Intel or Killer Network NICs onboard these motherboards; in its place, you’ll find a cheaper Realtek GbE connection. The GA-AB350 Gaming 3 adds such niceties as RGB Fusion multi-zone lighting, a swappable overlay for the accent LED and metal shielding for the PCIe slots.

GA AB350 Gaming

The final member to the AM4 family is the B350-based GA-AB350M Gaming 3, which is has a Micro-ATX form-factor. It’s a pretty close feature match for the GA-AB350 Gaming, but in a pint-sized package.

GA AB350M Gaming 3

“This is an exciting time for Gigabyte as Ryzen processors will bring new technologies and innovations that many of our consumers have longed for,” said Henry Kao, Vice President of Gigabyte’s Motherboard Business Unit. “Even more so, Gigabyte has continued to improve upon the platform adding exclusive Gigabyte features that enthusiasts demand.”

All of Gigabyte’s new Ryzen motherboards will be released on March 2nd, although you can preorder the Gigabyte GA-AX370 Gaming 5 right now from Amazon.

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