Gigabyte Announces GB-AEDT 21.5-inch Whitebox All-in-One PC

Quick, what do you call a computer that's only partially upgradeable, is expensive to do so, and typically costs a fair amount more than the sum of its parts? Do'h! Okay, okay, we should have clarified that we're not looking for the easy answer, which is an "Apple PC." Try again. Did you say, "All-in-One PC?" If so, jump around like a mad man and high five your co-workers, because you're absolutely right (and because it's fun to freak them out every once in awhile).

We just outlined the reasons why we're so intrigued by Gigabyte's new GB-AEDT. Hidden behind that boring name is a 21.5-inch whitebox AIO. It's built around Intel's Thin Mini-ITX standard and is being billed as a fully modulated AIO that's fully upgradeable.

"Whether you want a turnkey, a highly customized, or only a barebone product, the GB-AEDT solution can answer your needs as the entire system is broken down into integrated and standardized modules that can be easily and quickly upgraded or replaced," Gigabyte explains. "With a fast and easy handling of components, our solution is also ready for future upgrades and covers you from obsolescence risk."

The system supports Intel's latest 32nm LGA1155 processors and up to 8GB of DDR3-1333 memory. Other features include a Full HD touchscreen display, HDMI, SuperSpeed USB 3.0, optional TV tuner card, GbE LAN, a pair of 3W HD speakers, slim-type optical bay, 4-in-1 memory card reader, mSATA slot, and ErP (Energy--Related Products Directive) compliance.

No word yet on pricing or availability.