GetJar App Store Sees 100 Million Downloads Of A Single App

Finally, some interesting news on an App Store other than those ran by Google and Apple! GetJar has surged in popularity lately as a standalone app store, largely due to it being the app store that first hosted the final, full version of Angry Birds for Android. So many people flocked to GetJar on launch day that their servers actually went under momentarily, and now the company is celebrating 100 million downloads of a single app.

But much to our surprise, that app isn't Angry Birds. We're certain that Angry Birds is well on its way to being downloaded 100 million times, but as of now, that mark belongs to Facebook. Yeah, Facebook! What's most interesting about this news is that Facebook is an app that's available in Android Market and loads of other app stores. So why would people look to external app stores to download an app that's already widely available?

The App It! approach to marketing applications has seemingly worked out quite well, and we're very encouraged that people are thinking outside of the box and looking in other places to get their apps. It's often easier for developers to publish their apps into these separate app markets, so hopefully this kind of success will continue.

 GetJar is First to Smash the 100 Million Downloads Mark for a Single App

Facebook downloaded 100 million times using GetJar’s App It! download service

SAN MATEO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--GetJar, (, the world’s largest open app store, today announced that the Facebook mobile app has been downloaded by more than 100 million people, making Faceboook the most downloaded app ever on a single app store. Using GetJar’s App It! link, people are able to download the app which gives them a fast and easy shortcut to access Facebook’s mobile website with a single click from their phone. Top brands such as Fandango, Photobucket, Yahoo!, MocoSpace, OpenTable, Flirtomatic and Cnectd are also using App It! to reach consumers independent of what kind of device they are using.

    “With more than 500 million Facebook users around the world, people are increasingly looking to stay connected using their mobile device”

What is App It!

App It! is a link to a particular app that can be placed anywhere and allows consumers to download that app to their phone in one tap regardless of the users’ phone make or model. Once a publisher has uploaded an app or mobile site to GetJar, the App it! link is automatically created and can be placed anywhere the publisher wants. When tapped, the link sends the consumer to the publisher’s page on GetJar which detects the device and provides them with the right app for that phone.

To help publishers leverage the power of App It! and easily promote their apps, GetJar has invested in automating the App It! process so that each and every app uploaded to GetJar will automatically get its own App It! URL in the form of Publishers can then promote this URL in any way they like be it via Twitter, Facebook, TV, print, Web or any other medium of communication.

“With more than 500 million Facebook users around the world, people are increasingly looking to stay connected using their mobile device,” said Patrick Mork, chief marketing officer for GetJar. “We’re proud to have helped bring the Facebook mobile experience to tens of millions of people regardless of their mobile platform, phone model or carrier. Global brands are realizing that although applications provide users with a rich and engaging experience, to make app distribution easy, they need to provide consumers with a single destination from which to get their apps instead of sending them off to multiple stores depending the type of handset they might have. GetJar is committed to providing the third button every website should have: Share it on Facebook, Retweet it on Twitter, and now, App It! on GetJar, the viral way of sharing apps across any platform, handset, carrier or country.”

While Android is the fastest growing platform at GetJar, of the 100 million Facebook downloads, over 50% were downloaded to Nokia phones since Nokia currently still dominates the global market of app capable phones. 

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