Get Off My Virtual Lawn, Or I'll Get My Rocket Launcher

Video game consoles are not just for kids anymore. 37 Percent of adults connected to the web own a video game console. That number is expected to increase, as the major manufacturers attempt to make the consoles as common as a television, even for people who are old enough to have done everything you can make a Sim do.

"As game consoles have become increasingly sophisticated, families have incorporated them into their centralized home media centers, which include the television, digital recording device, digital music player and the PC," said Carolyn Creekmore, senior director of media analytics, Nielsen//NetRatings. Microsoft Corp. and Sony Corp. are positioning their Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 consoles as entertainment hubs for gaming, music and photo viewing amid a fierce battle for dominance in the $30 billion global video- game market.
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