Get 4K TVs With Best Of Web Pricing And Up To A $300 Bonus Gift Card

Football’s biggest game of the season lands on February 5th and if you wanted to get a new TV for the big game you better start shopping now. Luckily, the team at TechBargains has found the best TV deals that will arrive to your house in time for the big game (must order by 1/25). These deals are consistently on par with any deal on Black Friday.

The Samsung 6-Series 4K HDTV is great deal for those looking for a 4K TV from a premium brand with the latest HDR technology. Dell matches the best of web pricing and sweetens the pot with a bonus $175 Dell gift card. Use it to buy anything else: headphones, soundbars, video games, consoles and of course computers.

If you simply need a big Samsung TV check out the 65" version with a bonus $300 gift card for only $1200.

If you want a good sized TV with future-proof 4K resolution then this LG is easily the best deal you can currently get. For under $500 you are getting large screen 4K TV. If you really need to be convinced, the effective price of the TV is only $300 after you use up that $150 dell gift card. Lastly, this makes a fantastic choice for a 4K monitor as it is cheaper than buying a 30" dedicated PC monitor.

The Vizio P-series is perfect for the movie buff. It is one of the best rated TVs for picture quality yet costs 40-50% less than comparable Samsung or LG TVs. Because it is a home theater display it does not have a built-in tuner for over the air broadcast unless you pair it with a tuner box or a TiVo. The P-Series never goes on sale because it's already a tremendous value and with the $300 gift card we've never seen a better deal.

Vizio's M-series of TVs consistently rate as favorites among professional reviewers. Vizio has quickly become one of America's favorite brands for its combination of quality, technology and aggressive pricing. You won't find a better bang for your buck on Game Day TVs.

If you demand top tier picture quality then LG's OLED HDTVs should be your first choice. They use cutting-edge OLED lighting technology to achieve vibrant colors, inky blacks and incredible detail. They are some of the best TVs you can buy right now.

While you can spend a ton of money on a new TV it won't improve how the sound fills up your living room. Typically large flat screen TVs sacrifice sound quality for a sleek ultra-thin set. The best bang for your buck to improve sound quality is to add a sound bar. This particular LG has a wireless subwoofer so you can get bass without having to run wires or spend on a home theater receiver.
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