George Ou Likes Hatemail

George Ou must like getting hate mail. He had the nerve to point out that "Vista puts Mac OS X font rendering to shame," and has the screen caps to demonstrate it. George does not seem to understand that for five percent of the population, anything that ships from Redmond is made in a cauldron of snake's venom in Sauron's cave, while Steve Jobs goes to the bathroom and emits only Evian water.
While font technology isn’t what’s typically considered a killer application or killer feature, it is by far one of the most important usability features in an operating system.  We simply cannot place a price tag on eye strain and someone who works all day long in front of a computer like me greatly appreciates the font rendering technology in Windows Vista.  Mac OS X might have the fancier animated UI but I can’t imagine myself looking at those fonts.  Even if you gave me a brand new MacBook Pro - which I happen to think is a very nice though expensive notebook - the first thing I’ll do is install Boot camp and Windows Vista.
HotHardware reported on this before: Safari made me go blind. Apple deliberately makes its text less readable on the pixellated screen, and chooses to treat all displays as a sort of print preview. But that won't stop the fanboys from writing to George: " usual i think george just found the worst possible example and then presented it as system wide. im not surprised that he is considered to be one of the worst writers on the net.." I don't know. The net's pretty big. I think George is fine, and he's in for a long day with his e-mail. 
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