Genius Packs Gaming Features Into Sub-$50 Maurus X Mouse

Gaming mice have features you won’t find on ordinary mice. When you’re surfing the Web or working with documents, you don’t need to switch DPI settings, and six buttons is superfluous. But for a gamer, those options can be crucial (particularly if you fancy yourself a sniper), and they come at a premium: gaming mice often break $60 and some even top $100. But the new Genius GX Maurus X has a price tag of $49.90, even with a bunch of gamer-friendly features.

The Maurus X corded gaming mouse.

The Maurus X is black and red, with red lighting in the logo and mouse wheel, but enough about the bling. The features that matter are the DPI button, which cycles from 800 to 4000 DPI (a handy feature in FPS games) and support for up to 8 macros on its six buttons. The mouse includes a Scorpion driver and a custom GUI for assigning macros. The mouse has a 1ms response time and up to 1000hz polling rate.

The Maurus X gaming mouse with six customizable buttons

Some other luxuries include rubber side grips and a 5.9-foot braided USB cable. The Maurus X weighs 6.3 ounces and is 4.7 inches long by 3.2-inches wide. The mouse also comes with an extra footpad set to keep it spry.