Gene Roddenberry's Apple Up For Auction

NOTE: This story has been updated, to correct erroneous information from the auctioneer.

A early production Macintosh 128 (#776), a gift from Apple Computer to Gene Roddenberry, is up for auction.

If that's not enough to entice your inner geek, Apple later upgraded it to a Macintosh Plus for Roddenberry.

If you don't know who Gene Roddenberry is, just move along, nothing to see here.

Gene Roddenberry's Apple Macintosh Plus - A real screamer

Profiles in History, "the world's leading auctioneer of Hollywood memorabilia," is selling the computer, which bears the serial number F4200NUM0001, at its auction Oct. 8-9 — bidding begins at noon both days.. The computer will be sold along with a "signed letter of provenance from Roddenberry's son, Rod," and is expected to fetch $800 to $1,200

It probably won't be the top-selling item at the auction, as Michael Jackson's "iconic illuminating white glove" worn on the Jacksons' Victory tour and the original cover art for the brothers' Victory album, are part of the same auction.

The Macintosh is the very first one to come off the assembly line at Apple Computer in Fresno, Ca., and had a then-whopping 1 Mb RAM (which could be upgraded to 4Mb). It supported the 3.5 inch double-sided floppy disc, was the first Mac with an SCSI port for fast data transfer to and from an external hard drive and was the first mass-produced computer to use the mouse. It was in production longer than any other Macintosh, lasting four years, to 1990.

Remember the seemingly high-tech beige-colored case with the nine-inch display? Roddenberry's had the short keyboard, external floppy drive, mouse and Apple logo deluxe padded carrying case.

And it can be yours. If you're a confirmed P.C. lover, but Star Trek fan, you can go where no PC owner has gone before.