GeForce RTX Q&A: Juicy Turing Details Explained With NVIDIA's Tom Petersen

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Yesterday afternoon, we had the pleasure of chatting with Tom Petersen (TAP), NVIDIA's Director of Technical Marketing and a Distinguished Engineer. Given that NVIDIA's next-generation graphics cards are on everyone's mind these days, it should come as no surprise that we went straight into exploring the Turing architecture that underpins the GeForce RTX 2070, RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti. We peppered Tom with questions on what we can expect from Turing's various new technologies like Ray Tracing, Tensor cores, DLSS and the expected performance lift over NVIDIA's previous gen GeForce GTX 10 products.  

You can check out our extensive Q&A with TAP in the video below:

Show Notes:
00:22 – Intro And Who Is Tom Petersen of NVIDIA?
05:45 – What’s New With NVIDIA Turing?
09:05 – What’s A GigaRay?
11:35 – Will Ray Tracing work on all NVIDIA GPUs?
13:05 – Are RT Cores (Ray Tracing) coming to CUDA?
14:16 – DLSS – What is it exactly and how does AI do AA?
25:30 – How does NVIDIA RTX/Turing perform in legacy game titles versus GeForce 10?
30:10 – Are there changes in the Turing GPU for general efficiency and speed?
31:50 – Is it possible to issue CUDA, RT and Tensor core workloads simultaneously?
33:28 – Turing Engineering investment and goals for future of gaming (TAP)
37:02 – Can games employ DLSS and Ray Tracing simultaneously?
38:09 – What is NVLink and does it enable new SLI/mGPU modes?
40:29 – Tickling Frame Buffers – What’s in your frame buffer?
42:33 – NVLink, GPU Memory Space and Microstutter
46:25 – Why no NVLink on GeForce RTX 2070?
47:17 – Overclocking Turing – What can we expect?
49:09 – Will GeForce RTX support legacy SLI in legacy games and profiles?
49:55 – GeForce RTX pricing questions and answers
52:02 – GeForce RTX Founder Edition cooling solution design detail
54:48 – Liquid Cooled GeForce RTX FE cards?
55:45 – What are gamers going to be most impressed with in Turing, when they plug it in?
58:00 – Tom, what’s the most exciting next gen game that takes advantage of Turing?

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