GeForce RTX 40 GPUs Like 4060 Ti In High Demand, Price Increases Coming

4060 ti
The ebbs and flows of graphics card availability have been a virtual roller coaster the last few years. It appears that one more NIVIDA GeForce RTX product is joining this unbalanced realm of accessibility, and it's one of the more affordable models to boot. 

NVIDIA's GeForce RTX 4060 Ti, both in its 8GB and 16GB flavors, appears to be undergoing some supply issues. The revelation comes by way of add-in-board (AIB) partners reporting low stock of these GPUs across their inventory channels. 

The GeForce RTX 4060 Ti was initially released to some objections from gamers for a couple of reasons—it clocked in at a $399 MSRP for the base model, which some felt was too high, while only providing 8GB of VRAM. Meanwhile, AMD was touting 12GB of VRAM on products such as the Radeon RX 6700 XT. To be fair, 8GB of VRAM proves adequate for most titles at 1080p, but the recent influx of gamers wanting to experience higher resolutions such as 1440p has left much to be desired. 

Performance was also only marginally better than the previous generation GeForce RTX 3060 Ti, so the generational improvements were meek. The introduction of the RTX 4060 Ti with 16GB of VRAM provided a healthier GPU, but at $499, it quickly became unpopular. 

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Regardless of its frosty reception, the RTX 4060 Ti still remains one of the more affordably priced NVIDIA GPUs on the market. Due to this, it can be expected to typically sell in large numbers since many gamers do not want to spend more. Other GPUs such as the RTX 4070 start at a higher price point, with the added benefit of 12GB of VRAM to justify those increases. 

What does this lack of inventory mean for the RTX 4060 Ti? While it is unlikely to be replaced for a very long time, it most likely is just a blip on the radar of current GPU availability. Many models have seen discounts during the last few months, so a price increase may prove to be unlikely. Certain regions in the world may be more heavily impacted compared to the U.S, however, and may see more significant changes if trends continue. 

As reported by Board Channels, the current supply does not seem sufficient to meet the demand of the RTX 4060 Ti. This does indicate that if the current trajectory continues, eventual price increases have a chance of appearing at various retailers. 

The GeForce RTX 4060 still seems available in adequate numbers, and even the top-end RTX 4090 has seen a resurgence in stock recently. That halo product saw many low inventory issues early on, but mostly due to the AI craze that is undertaking most of the world. The RTX 4060 Ti is unaffected by that, and is mostly sold to typical consumers looking strictly for gaming products.