GeForce 7900 GTX Lockup Issue Resolved

PC Perspective has finally solved a longstanding issue regarding lockup issues for some GeForce 7900 GTX owners. Apparently, yields for G71 are not quite as high as some graphics card vendors originally thought as the random lockups have been attributed to overly optimistic factory overclocks on frequencies. In theory, it is a bit surprising to have some blatant issues such as this somehow get by the QA departments in several major graphics card vendors.

I surely hope that all of NVIDIA's and ATI's AIC partners take a good, hard look at this situation and remedy their QA testing methods so this doesn't happen again. Sending bad product out to thousands of gamers is an easy way to screw up the vendor's reputations, and NVIDIA's. Maybe ATI's previous "no overclocking" stance made the most sense after all. And maybe getting the product completely 100% right is better than getting 100% on time.
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