GeForce 7300 Preview

Anandtech has posted a preview of NVIDIA's new entry-level DX9 part named the GeForce 7300. Armed with some healthy increases in frequency, higher memory capacities, and 64-bit memory bus should make the GeForce 7300 a very capable entry-level GPU. Granted, you won't be setting any benchmark records anytime soon. However, this is a very economical choice for those looking to play the latest and greatest games with a limited budget.

For now, we can at least take comfort in the fact that a > 50% increase in core clock speed, increased memory size and bandwidth, and higher level of architectural efficiency over the 6200 TC will help make the new GeForce 7300 very competitive at a < $100 price point. While it may not get everyone's blood boiling, the 7300 is not just an exciting part for the budget market, but it will help raise the bar for the minimum target game developers will be shooting for over the next couple years.