GeekSquad Pilfering Media?

Have you ever dropped off your PC for repairs and wondered if the techs might be looking over your private media collection?  If so, you’ve not alone. 

The Consumerist decided to do a little research on the subject, using the Geek Squad techs as their test subjects.  Instead of just using logfiles for evidence, they actually have video of the alleged incident.
“To investigate claims by current and former Geek Squad techies (see "The 10 Page Geek Squad Confession - "Stealing Customers' Nudie Pics Was An Easter Egg Hunt"), we loaded a computer with porn and rigged it to make a video of itself. We captured every cursor movement, every program opened, every file accessed. Everything that the user saw and did, we recorded.

We took it to less than a dozen Best Buy Geek Squads and asked them to perform simple tasks, like installing iTunes. Most places were fine, sometimes doing the job right on the counter, sometimes even for free.”
Apparently there have been claims of media copying in numerous Geek Squad locations.  So far there’s no way of telling if the boys and girls at the Geek Squad are any more or less prone to “borrow” some of your media compared to techs from other companies.
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