GeChic Offers 13.3" Portable Monitor For Extending Smartphone/Tablet Displays

Portable monitors, huh? Yeah, they've been around, but they've soared in popularity here lately. We actually haven't seen too many of these at the 13.3" level, but GeChic is breaking the mold. It's a fairly massive portable display, boasting a frame that's just 8mm thick and sporting a resolution of 1366x768. It can be powered via a USB port or a separate battery pack, and yes, it includes VGA/HDMI video connectors through a 30-pin adapter. If you're into the mini DisplayPort, that's an optional adapter as well.

Basically, this thing is designed to be an external display used for smartphones and tablets. It's a bit of a complex setup, probably best used in scenarios where you can set it and forget it, but at $199 it's possibly a solid impulse buy for those who just can't get enough screen real estate. Of course, that Retina Display on your new iPad scoffs at that idea...
Tags:  LCD, display, monitor