This Gaming Keyboard Doesn't Have Any Actual Keys And That's By Design

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Sharkoon's latest Skiller SGK50 S4 keyboard is setting out to be the hot-swappable keyboard for everyone. It's a barebones keyboard that buyers can customize to their preferred keycaps and switches, regardless of where they live in the world.

Headed in Hessen, Germany, Sharkoon Technologies—a supplier for quality, high-performance PC peripherals, accessories, and components since 2003—just announced the Skiller SGK50 S4 Barebone keyboard. True to its name, the keyboard comes with nothing but the frame, chassis, and circuit board. Customers will get to choose each switch and keycap to their personal taste and requirement.

One of the biggest selling points is that the Barebone allows for wider compatibility in terms of keyboard layouts. When ordering, customers can choose between the more common ANSI layout, but there's also an ISO version that caters to the  layout widely adopted in most European and South American counties. 

Although it's "barebones", the design is thankfully far from austere. There are two pairs of twin-position feet that help with typing ergonomics. Like the pre-built Skiller SGK S4, the Barebone also boasts a compact 60 percent layout (over a three-block keyboard), which is a great space saver on any desk setup. When combined with the individually customizable 16.7 million color keyboard illumination, it makes for quite a personalized look.

Other highlights include the two macros (with up to 16 actions) which can be set up directly on the keyboard with just a few key combos, no separate software needed. Sharkoon also says that with its hot-swap feature, the Skiller SGK50 S4 Barebone can quickly swap between 3- and 5-pin switches with the included tools.

The black or white Sharkoon SGK50 S4 Barebone keyboard is not yet available in the US, but in other markets is being sold starting this month for around 50 euros (based on Sharkoon's website).