This Gaming Cushion Might Be The Most Ridiculous Thing You've Ever Seen, Or Is It?

Folding Sleep Cushion Z
Having trouble getting comfortable while trying to navigate Mario on your Nintendo Switch or solving today's Wordle answer on your smartphone? Well then, it sounds like you're in dire need of the Folding Sleep Cushion Z, a gaming accessory "that becomes addictive once used." Or viewed from another vantage point, it's one of the silliest products you've seen in a long time, if not ever.

I'm guessing most people will decidedly fall into either extreme on this one. From my own vantage point, it's utterly ridiculous, and products like this are the reason why aliens haven't bothered to make definitive contact with the human race (instead they're hanging out on a rock on Mars reenacting the infamous Kate Winslet scene in Titanic).

Folding Sleep Cushion Z with snacks
So what exactly is the Folding Sleep Cushion Z? It's a couple of thick cushions attached to a set of bars so you can lay prone and game without face planting onto your mobile device. Or you can lay elevated on your back or side, if you prefer. Oh, and don't forget the snacks, in case you work up an appetite playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild one-handed.

Here's what the view looks like with your face smushed into the cushions...

Playing a Switch with the Folding Sleep Cushion Z
The contraption measures 550mm (L) by 350mm (W) by 130mm (D) and weights a touch under 4 pounds. According to the description on the product page, it's suitable for gamers weighing up to 220 pounds, with an upper body load capacity of 88 pounds. It comes with a six-month warranty, though "damage to the product caused by using this product is not covered" (yeah, wrap your head around that one).

On its Facebook page, retail company Thanko calls this a "must-have exercise when relaxing at home," and undoubtedly something is setting lost in translation there. However, the social media post does clarify that it offers up a 35-degree angle.

For anyone interested in this (and there's no shame if you are—for me, it was the Lian Li PC777B chassis that looked like a giant snail that caught my affection way back when), you can find the Folding Sleep Cushion Z at Thanko for 6,980 yen (around $60).