GameStop PowerPass Gives You Six Months of Unlimited Used Game Rentals For $60

We all know how it is, you roll into GameStop to pick up a used game, get it home, and find out that you don’t like it. Unfortunately, that’s just money down the drain. Or you get the game home and beat it in short order and need something new to play. GameStop has a new program set to launch in November that might appease gamers that have an itchy trigger finger when it comes to game purchases. 


The new program is called PowerPass and allows gamers to pay $60 and gain access to all the pre-owned games you want to play for six months. This is essentially a rental program for the large catalog of used games that most GameStop locations have. When you are done playing that used title, you take it back and swap for something else.

One downside is that you can only rent a single game at a time. You do have to be a PowerUp Rewards member, which costs $14.99. PowerUp Rewards is sort of like having a movie rental membership back in the day, so they can track where the games are and how long you have had it.


There is no mention of having a limited amount of time to play whatever game you check out. It seems as if you get the game as long as you want during that 60-day window. The games are only available from the physical inventory in your local store or stores. You can’t choose titles from the online inventory to play, and the games can be for any console.

You can choose any used game in the store though, there aren’t any limits on what games you can or can’t choose. November 19 is the reported kickoff date for the new program. A final cool bit is that when the end of your 6 months rolls around, the last used game you have out, you get to keep.

(Images via flickrresetera)